World Mission

Holy Trinity has mission partners working long term in different parts of the world and at any one time there are usually several others working on short term projects around the globe.

Penny BakewellPenny Bakewell 3

Penny Bakewell is working with SIM in northern Ghana amongst the Sissala people. She has recently completed research to see how SIM can help equip churches to reach out to children with the Gospel. From her base in the town of Tumu, Penny has helped establish children’s ministries in the town and in outlying villages. Penny is responsible for leading and mentoring a team of five career missionaries as well as welcoming and supporting short term workers.


Colin Bearup

Colin Bearup  

lives in Lancashire with his wife Jean and is working amongst British Muslims. They are members of WEC International and have many years overseas experience. Colin also oversees the Mahabba Network in the NW of England. The focus is primarily on encouraging and enabling local Christians to engage fruitfully with their Muslim neighbours.


Tony and Carol Smith                          

Muyang NT dedication
are working with Wycliffe Bible Translators in Cameroon. They have seen the Muyang New Testament to completion: it was dedicated in November 2013. The Muyang are continuing to try to complete their Bible; meanwhile Tony is working as a translation consultant and in administration of other language projects, while Carol is developing mother-tongue teaching materials for schools.
Rachel Spencer 2017 1
is working with World Team in France, in the suburbs of Paris near Versailles. World Team is an international church-planting mission, and in France works with other evangelical organisations towards a goal of planting at least one church for every 10,000 people. Rachel is currently doing her first-year internship with a church that was planted several years ago, where she is involved in music, evangelism and discipleship and pastoral care. 

Simon and Jennifer Barnesalcala

are missionary candidates with European Christian Mission, to serve as church planters in Spain. They are currently seeking to raise prayer and financial support, before they can move out to Spain. They are also beginning to learn the Spanish language, whilst in Norwich.